Park for Chinatown at UPark Central Market

Soak up some Chinese culture at Adelaide’s own Chinatown.

Chinatown Adelaide is full of Chinese restaurants, grocery stores and markets, plus many non-Chinese Asian restaurants offering cuisines of Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Nepali, Thai and Vietnamese origins.

The pagoda style roofs and red lanterns are found on Moonta Street, the centre of Chinatown. Traditional Chinese archways stand at the opposite entrances of Moonta street and are guarded by Chinese lion statues.

Park at UPark Central Market

Park your car at UPark Central Market for Chinatown.
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From UPark Central Market to Chinatown 

Chinatown sits within the Central Market precinct directly under the carpark between Grote and Gouger streets. Head west to Moonta Street once you exit the carpark.