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As part of City of Adelaide’s planned response to protect the health and wellbeing of our community, you can now access UPark Plus – safer touch-free parking with discounted pricing at UPark.

Click the button and scroll to ‘Create Account’ to sign-up to UPark Plus.

Sign up for UPark Plus now using the promo code UPARK10 and receive $10 daily capped rate parking at UPark Rundle, UPark Gawler and UPark Andrew. Simply swipe your new UPark Plus card at any of the three UParks to get this offer. Sign up by 31 October, available for parking until 19 November 2021. Ts&Cs apply.

To enjoy first hour free parking during Market trading hours, simply sign up to UPark Plus using the promo code MARKETLOVERS.

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What is UPark Plus?

UPark Plus is a personal card that gives you access to all UParks across the city.

Simply tap your UPark Plus card on the UPark Plus reader to enter and exit the car park. This eliminates the need to push buttons or handle tickets and helps maintain social distancing – no queuing at the pay station.

Your card is active and ready to use as soon as you receive it and does not need to be pre-loaded with credit. Payments come straight from your linked credit (or debit) card as you tap and park. You are welcome to get one card to share with your family or individual cards for each person.

Your online account lets you manage all your parking needs – from changing your billing details to getting more cards for your account. It also gives you a real time record of when and where you card is used.

Your discounted parking with UPark Plus

Using the card gives you access to our daily capped rate for each car park.

This means you can stay all day from $12 capped rate to $19 capped rate. The capped rate is for each entry. If you exit and re-enter the same, or another, car park, you will be charged again.

Here's a quick summary of UPark Plus pricing:

Car Park Capped Price
Gawler $16
Topham $19
Wyatt $18
Pirie $16
Grote $16
Light $14
Rundle $12
Frome $12
Central Market $15 (Mon-Wed)
Andrew $16

Even on Nights and Weekends, with UPark Plus you never pay more than the capped daily rate. For more details, see all UPark Plus Prices and Live Availability.

You also get discounts at stores across Adelaide

When you join, you get access to exclusive access to special offers and rewards as part of our UPark Plus Rewards.

From restaurants and cafes to hairdressers and golfing – there's a huge range of discounts you access.

So not only do you save money when you park, you also save on great products and services, and all your money stays in South Australia.

How Do I Start?

To start, hit the button below to join UPark Plus today.

Then, click ‘Create Account’ (you may need to scroll) to register as a new customer. Once registered, you will receive an email as soon as your card is ready to collect, or is in the post.

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