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If you are in the car park, please press the HELP button at the entry or exit, and this will go through to our Central Control Room team or after hours security who can assist.

Between 8.30 am–5:00 pm Monday to Friday, you can contact our Customer Service Team by phone on (08) 8203 7203.

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UPark Plus

UPark Plus members no longer need to swipe their UPark Plus card at the entry and exit.

If we have your current licence plate number our machines will recognise your number plate and open the boom gates.

You can still use your UPark Plus card if you prefer or if you have any issues with licence plate recognition.

The card reader has a picture of your UPark Plus card. This is where you tap.

Please don't tap your UPark Plus card on the credit card PayWave reader.

If you have any issues getting in or out of the car park, press the HELP button on the machine and our team will assist.

Please note, you can only enter the car park if there are free spaces. Your card will not let you enter if the car park is full.

You must login using the method you used to sign-up. For example, if you registered using Facebook, you must login via Facebook. Same for Google. You can log in here.

When logging with an email and password, your email address must be lower case. Check that your browser is not automatically starting your email address with a capital letter.

If you registered with an email address and password, please type in both when logging in. Don't copy/paste or let it auto-populate.

Please note the UPark Plus portal is separate to the UPark Online Booking system.

If you have also set up an account for Online Booking, you may have different emails and/or passwords for each.

Double check you are using the right login for your UPark Plus account.

We recommend logging in using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Login to your UPark Plus account (you can reset your password here too if you have forgotten it)

Select 'Modify Account' – found at the top of screen

Click 'Next' – on Products Details section

Click 'Next Steps' and proceed to Payment Details, click 'Update card details' and enter your new details

Click 'Next Steps' and proceed through the sections

Click Update/Done

Log into your UPark Plus account and select Modify Account.

Click Access Licence Plate/Card and select the card you want to disable.

Click Disable and then Update.

Proceed through the remaining steps to submit.

You can cancel your card and request a replacement in your UPark Plus account.

Log into your account and select Modify Account.

Click Access Licence Plate/Card and select the card you need to cancel.

Click on the ‘Request replacement' button and then update.

Proceed to submit your request.

Your card will be cancelled and we will issue a replacement as soon as possible.

You will get a notification when your new card is issued.

Log into your UPark Plus account and select Modify Account.

Click Access Licence Plate/Card and enter your Vehicle Registration and a description under Add New Cards and click add.

Click update.

You will get an email when your new card is issued.

Log into your UPark Plus account and select Statement in the menu.

Enter your required date range and click the Search button.

You can print or export a copy of your requested statement.

You can see a visual guide to printing your statement here.

Log into your UPark Plus account and select Modify Account.

Click Access Licence Plate/Card and select the vehicle and card you wish to update.

Click the Edit button and input your new licence plate and click update.

Proceed through the remaining steps to submit.

Online Booking

Entering the car park

You may enter the car park up to 30 minutes before the entry time listed in your booking confirmation as long as you have booked more than 1 hour before your entry time. The 30-minute Grace Period does not apply when your entry time is the car park’s opening time or within 30 minutes of the opening time.

You may arrive any time within your booked timeframe unless you have purchased an Early Bird or Extend Early Bird product. Early Bird or Extended Early Bird parkers must enter within the Grace Period or their booking will be void and they will be charged at the casual rate.

Exiting the car park

You may exit 1 hour after your booked time, or by car park close, whichever comes first.

If you exit after your booked time and grace period, you will be charged additional casual rates for your time in the car park.

Double check your exit time as you may have overstayed your booking or arrived too early. You must enter and exit during your booked times and the relevant Grace Periods and at the correct UPark location. If you enter outside your booked time and the Grace Periods you will be charged at the casual drive-in rate.

Alternatively, if you missed a step in the process, the system may not have recognised your booking, which is why you have been charged the drive-in rate.

No, there is no extra charge to book online.

Yes. Online bookings for Early Bird and Night Parking are both available for some of our locations.

First, check the dates and times you have selected and retry your search.

Please note you cannot book your parking if there is less than 30 minutes until you plan to arrive. For example, you will not be able to book 8:30 am parking at 8:15 am.

You also need to make sure the car park you have picked is open at the time you are trying to book. You will see results for other car parks that are open, should your preferred car park be closed for part of your booking time.

Keep in mind also that some options are only available as a drive-in option.

Online bookings can be made up to one month ahead of time.

Your Online Booking account lets you manage bookings and modify your personal details.

Enter your email and password on the login page under Existing Users to access your account.

Click on the menu and choose Manage My Bookings.

To view a booking click on the Booking Reference number.

You can cancel or amend a booking up to 1 hour before your booking time, and receive a full refund, by clicking the Cancel Booking button below your booking confirmation.

For bookings with multiple entries and exits (for example a Monday to Friday Early Bird booking), you must cancel, at the latest, 1 hour before your first booked time for a full refund.

Please note if the status of a booking is confirmed then payment has been accepted. If the booking’s status is hold, it means payment has not been accepted and the booking was unsuccessful.

If you are in a UPark car park and need any assistance please press the HELP button at the entry or exit.

Between 8.30 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, you can contact our Customer Service Team by phone on 08 8203 7203, or email [email protected]

You can update your information online. Login to your UPark account and select ‘Modify Your Details’ in the menu. If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and select ‘I forgot my password’ to reset your password. You can then use this to log-in and change your details.

When you arrive, simply drive up, if the camera reads your license plate number entered when you booked, the barrier will raise. If the barrier fails to raise, scan the QR code found in your booking confirmation PDF emailed to you when you booked. You can use your phone to scan the QR code or alternatively print out the booking confirmation PDF prior to your arrival.

If you are unable to enter the car park, please press the (help) button at the entry. This will put your through to our Central Control Room team who can assist you.

Make sure you have the correct licence plate number on your booking and have access to your confirmation email for the QR code. The QR can be read from either your phone or a printed confirmation.

No. Once you have exited you cannot enter again under the same booking.

If you do re-enter you will be charged as a regular drive-in customer.

You can park in any casual parking space in the car park. You cannot park in any reserved spaces or disabled parking bays (without permits).

When you are leaving press the HELP button at the exit and our team will assist you.

General Parking Information

You can check live availability across all our car parks using our parking availability map on the UPark homepage. You can also check on the individual pages for each car park.

Some of our car parks do not operate 24 hours and close overnight.

Call us on (08) 8203 7203 and a member of our security team will let you out. There is a cost for this service. Visit our car parks page to find opening hours for your car park.

Press the lost ticket button at the bottom of the pay machine screen. You will then be prompted to pay the daily maximum price.

Once you have made your payment, you will be issued a new ticket from the machine to use on exit.

If your charges are still pending, please wait because these will drop off within 3-5 business days. We cannot refund pending charges.

If you think you have been overcharged you can submit an online refund request and our team will review your application.

  • You may need to include the following in your application:
  • Your personal details
  • The car park you parked at
  • The date you parked
  • The time you entered and exited the car park
  • The entry and exit location in the car park
  • The amount you believe you should have been charged
  • A copy of your receipt (if you have one)
  • First six and last four numbers and expiry of the credit or debit card used or last four digits of your device or token account number for Apple, Google or Samsung Pay

We aim to respond to refund requests within eight business days.

Please note that all requests for a refund are reviewed and an outcome will be provided. It is not guaranteed that a refund will be provided.

If you paid in cash, you will be provided with a credit as a QR code to use at a UPark.

Yes. Put your ticket in the pay machine to show the price. Pay what you want in cash, then press CANCEL. Your ticket will be credited the amount you have just paid.

Put your ticket back in the remaining price will be shown. Now finish the transaction with your card.

If you need assistance, press the HELP button on the ticket machine and our team will be able to help.

If you are in a car park you can put your ticket back into the pay machine and it will print you a receipt.

Otherwise, you can complete an online form to request a receipt.

To submit your request you may need to provide:

  • Your personal details
  • The car park you parked at
  • The date you parked
  • The time you exited
  • Amount you were charged
  • First six and last four numbers and expiry of the credit or debit card used or last four digits of your device or token account number for Apple, Google or Samsung Pay

We aim to respond to receipt requests within four business days.

UPark Plus members can access statements in their online account.

here are a few reasons an accessibility pass may not work. These include:

  • The pass may have expired.
  • The pass may have been used 52 times for the year.
  • The pass may be damaged or faulty.

Press the HELP button at the entry or exit and our team will troubleshoot for you.

License plate recognition (LPR) is software that reads and recognises vehicle registration license plates. It allows a touchless, windows up parking experience as your license plate is recognised at the entry and exit to redeem your prebooking. LPR technology is already available at selected UParks and is coming soon at all UPark locations.

When you create your account, please add your vehicle registration number in the Registration field. At the time of booking online, these account registration details will automatically be included for you to access the car park via the LPR process. If you wish to nominate a different vehicle registration (once off change) simply overwrite these registration number details in the booking. When you drive in to your pre-selected UPark location, your license plate will be recognised at the entry and exit to permit access.

Please ensure you have your nominated credit card with you to tap and redeem the booking in case the LPR process is unable to read and match your registration plate. For now, you will also need your credit card for bookings at the UParks that do not yet have LPR technology. Please ensure you keep your account details up to date, including your vehicle registration details.

Your Personal information (as defined in our Privacy Policy) will be managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We are not subject to the Privacy Act but we are committed to protecting your privacy. We collect Personal Information to carry out our functions to provide and market our services. We may disclose that information to our suppliers, contractor and advisors who assist us in these activities.

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access or correct information we hold about you, how you can complain about a breach of privacy and how we will deal with such complaints. You have the right to make a written request that any personal information held by us concerning you is deleted or destroyed. Your request will be reviewed in accordance with relevant laws and business requirements.

While we take suitable organisational and technical measures to safeguard the data you provide upon registration, there is never guaranteed security of transmission over the internet. Therefore, please note that we are unable to guarantee the security of any data you transfer through the internet to us.

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