Monthly Parking

Come and go as you please with monthly parking – any day, any time.

Finding a park everyday can be a challenge. Wasting hours each week looking for a spot, the early mornings, the stress of the hunt, the anger of other drivers...

You need somewhere consistent, easy, and safe to park your car.

UPark is that place.

Monthly parking is the best bang-for-your-buck parking in Adelaide.

With Monthly Parking, you park in a UPark close to your office, making the final moments of your drive into the city quick, calm, and easy. Even more important if you drive and park throughout the day – or share a car with colleagues.

Founded and operated by the City of Adelaide, UPark lets you park your car while giving back to your community – with money supporting local parks, community health, and events.

Here’s why monthly parking is your best parking choice:

  • 24/7 access to car parking near your work – even when it’s normally closed
  • Share your spot with family or friends with your own parking card
  • Come and go through the day with a spot that’s always available to park
  • Safe and secure parking that’s guarded by drive-through security patrollers
  • Park comfortably undercover and out of the elements
  • No queuing behind tired shoppers or hunting for coins
  • No extra charges for supersized or company cars
  • No complicated bills – just one simple monthly invoice

Enjoy the convenience of parking close to work, without fear of parking fines or long searches for car parks miles away.

Choose from two great options:

Monthly Reserved Parking

Your own designated car space – perfect if you travel to and from the city multiple times a day.

Pricing per calendar month.

Reserved Bay (Mezzanine)

Secured Reserved Bay (in basement with exclusive entrance via York Street)

Motorcycle Parking (Mezzanine) $80

We offer both Reserved and Unreserved Parking. For pricing please enquire here.

Reserved Bay $399

Reserved Bay $410

Motorcycle Parking $80

Reserved Bay $320

Reserved Bay $360

Monthly Unreserved Parking

Guarantee yourself parking – just park in any casual space open.

Pricing per calendar month.

Unreserved Bay $265

Unreserved Bay

For pricing please enquire here.

Unreserved Bay $360

There’s only a limited number of spots open – so send us your details today.

No lock-in contracts. No secret hidden fees. Simple easy parking that’s close to where you need to go.

Booking monthly parking is as easy as 1–2–3.

Here's how you get started:

  1. Make an enquiry below
  2. We’ll give you a call within 72 hours to set you up with a card and billing account
  3. Drive in and park

PS: Don't let parking make your life hard. Book monthly parking and enjoy a short walk to the office on your own schedule.