How to use a UPark Accessibility Pass

Your UPark accessibility pass provides you with up to 2 hours free parking per visit for a maximum of 52 visits over a 12-month period at any UPark across Adelaide. It's important to note that stays of over 2 hours will have a balance to pay that will be charged to the credit card attached to your account on exit.

How it works

  • Simply tap your UPark Plus pass on the image of the UPark Plus machine at the entry of the car park.
  • When leaving, simply drive to the exit and tap your UPark Plus pass on the UPark Plus machine at the exit (see image below).
  • The boom-gate will raise – if you have stayed under 2 hours there will be no charge.
  • If you stayed longer than 2 hours the difference will be charged to the credit card attached to your account.
  • Each time you tap your accessibility pass you will redeem 1 of your 52 visits.

Tap your UPark Accessibility Pass on the entry machine.

About your account

  • If you don't want to use one of your accessibility pass visits, simply press the button on the machine to take a ticket on entry and pay the casual parking price when exiting the car park.
  • After you have redeemed your 52 visits for the year you will be charged as a casual parker until your reallocation date.
  • Your reallocation date becomes the date your new UPark accessibility pass is activated online by staff.
  • We will send you a reminder email when your permit is about to expire.
  • To renew your accessibility pass you will need to remove the expired image of your pass from your account and upload an image of your new permit to continue to receive the accessibility pass benefits.

Login to your account online

At any time you can log in to your UPark Plus account online to:

  • Check your number of visits redeemed for the year
  • Update your personal details
  • Renew your accessibility permit on file
  • Replace a lost or stole UPark Plus card

UPark Plus prices

The UPark Plus Accessibility Pass provides you with the first two hours free per trip (limited to 52 visits per 12 months). The standard UPark Plus prices will apply after that, starting from the first hour fee and progressing to the capped rate as normal (see below for example). All UPark Plus pricing can be found here.

It is important to note that partial unused hours are unable to be credited, nor can they be rolled over for use later or at a different car park. Additionally, there is no early bird pricing through UPark Plus.


Hourly Charge car park pricing

Accessibility pass pricing

0-1 hour



1-2 hours



2-3 hours



3-4 hours



4-5 hours



5-6 hours$26.00 daily max$19.00 capped price
6+ hours$26.00 daily max$19.00 capped price

Flat rate parking

The Accessibility Pass discount will be applied each time you park. If you use your Accessibility Pass to park at a time where a flat rate applies (e.g. on a Sunday, a public holiday, or at night) stays of less than 2 hours will be free. If you park longer than two hours one of your 52 visits will be utilised but the full flat rate will be charged.


The number on the reverse of your UPark Plus card is now your number for any queries about your card in the car park.

Thank you for parking with UPark.