Park for $14 at the Royal Adelaide Show

The Royal Show has been cancelled for 2020 and will return in 2021.

The iconic Royal Adelaide Show is the longest running event on the South Australian calendar, well-loved by generations.

The Show brings the country to the city – whether it’s trying your hand at milking a cow, experiencing the excitement of the annual Ram Sale, learning which grains are best for making bread, or watching the best livestock from around Australia being judged by industry experts. 

Plus, there's all your favourites: the woodchopping competition, the Dog Pavilion, Equestrian events, baby farm animals, carnival rides, and lots of live music and dance.

Grab your showbag, chow down on some hot donuts and Dagwood Dogs, and enjoy the fireworks.

Where to Park

Park your car near the Royal Adelaide Show in the Park Lands at GS Kingston Park / Wirrarninthi (Park 23), Josie Agius Park / Wikparntu (Park 22), or Golden Wattle Park / Mirnu Wirra (Park 21 West).

Follow the arrows on the map below for entrances and exits.

Royal Show Parking